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Falling in love with Lake Sinclair

2020 has been a tough year for every family around the world. Our family like everyone else struggled to navigate troubled waters and keep swimming. Virtual school has been one of the most challenging struggles for our children, reason for mental health issues, isolation and anxiety. Our weekends at the lake around family brought laughter back in our kids lives! They forgot about electronics and fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing quickly became fun favorite activities. That’s when we start looking for our second home and place to share with our friends. ‘Bout Time came a year later and it was love at first sight! Perfect for our needs, it became a family project! We purchased all our furniture and decor from friends and from marketplace, I repainted old art to match our new space, we shopped for all the possible deals and repurposed every single piece of wood from the property. All our family helped, and we all had fun with it! We still have tons of work to do, and every time we are at the house another project gets completed! We laughed, we sweat, we poured our hearts in it, and we hope you will create some fun memories and always want to come back to our place!

Arianna, Nicolas, Ela and Cat

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